Fill out the form and we’ll email and text your client an Exam Day Offer.

The Exam Day Offer waives waiting periods, providing pets with immediate, full policy coverage. Upon getting started with an Exam Day Offer within 24 hours of their pet’s exam, your client can expect*:

  • 360-pet-coverage-150x150.png

    Immediate coverage for new, unexpected illnesses and injuries.

    Unlimited payouts – no per condition, annual, or lifetime limits, ever.
    fast-icon-150x150.png Accessibility to real, pet-loving policy experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    Terms and conditions apply. See the full policy for details

  • Trupanion’s Exam Day Offer is the best and easiest way for pet owners to experience medical insurance for pets. It’s also a seamless way to have the cost of care conversation with pet owners and introduce the idea of insurance.

    *This is intended as staff member education to help increase confidence in a product that has a presence in your hospital.

About Exam Day Offers

You are now able to use this process to request that Trupanion sends an Exam Day Offer to pets at your hospital. 

  • How do you provide the offer to clients? 

    By filling out the form above, you can request an Exam Day Offer to be sent to your clients by Trupanion. 

  • What happens when you click the button to send the Exam Day Offer? 

    As soon as you click the button, your clients will receive an email and a text (if they'd like to opt-in) from Trupanion with information about the offer and how to activate it. 

    Text Message

    We need to ensure your clients are aware they will receive the text message. Please ask if they are okay receiving a text about Trupanion and our Exam Day Offer. If your client does not want to receive a text message from us, please do not check the text opt-in box above. Instead, leave this box unchecked and submit as normal – this will ensure your client only receives information via email. 

    Email Reminders

    Your clients must activate the offer within 24 hours after the exam or it will expire. We may send several emails within this 24-hour period to make sure your clients don't miss this opportunity. 

  • How is the offer activated? 

    Remind your clients to check their email or text messages, all the details to activate are there. Don't worry about explaining the details of the policy, our customer care team is available 24/7 and can go over the offer in just a few minutes. 

    Have questions? Contact us at 877.589.1862.